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Sematan – Sg. Moyan Bridge + KSR Interchanges (SSM)

  • Batang Kayana Bridge - Piling works on going at transition slab embankment A
  • Bau Int - Concreting 1st stage column no. 2 & 3
  • Bau sect CH53+100 RHS -Installed street light poles
  • Bau sect CH53+250 RHS - Continue laying ACBC 28 of 1st layer
  • Bau sect CH62+250 - Concreting toe drain in progress
  • Bau sect CH63+150 - Installation of gabion mattress for channel diversion no. 4
  • Bau sect CH66+900 - Concreting interceptor drain in progress
  • Bau sect CH74+700 - Earth filling for 7th layer
  • Bau sect CH80+275- Earth cutting slope in progress.
  • Bau sect CH86+125 - Subgrade compaction and trimming
  • KSR - Concreting of bore pile 5P8 (Pier 5) at Mile 10
  • KSR (Pier 6) - Concreting of bore pile 6P7 (Pier 6) at Mile 10
  • KSR-Concreting of bore pile 4P8 (Pier 4) at Mile 4.5
  • KSR-Laying of binder coarse at Mile 6
  • Lundu Int - Driving rc pile at lundu interchange abutment A in progress
  • Lundu sect CH10+730 LHS -Concreting works is on going for Base Slab Culvert A23
  • Lundu sect CH19+240 LHS - Concreting works for base slab culvert A40 in progress
  • Lundu sect CH20+850 LHS -Concreting works is on going for Wingwalls at Culvert A44
  • Lundu sect CH21+770 LHS -Casting Wing wall, haunching n collar joint culvert A47 is in progress
  • Lundu sect CH26+850 - Installation of P.V.D. in progress
  • Lundu sect CH42+225 LHS -FDT test for subgrade is on going
  • Lundu sect Sematan Bridge - Concreting works for pile plug at Abutment A bridge A
  • Lundu sect Sematan Bridge - Concreting works of pile cap Abutment B Bridge A
  • Lundu sect Stunggang Bridge - Piling work for embankment slab in progress
Location Sematan to Sg. Moyan Bridge + Kuching-Serian Roundabout Interchanges (SSM)
Scope Of Work Construction, Planning

Project Details

WPC 02

Road Length:  95.403 km
Work will be carried out in 3 sections: Lundu Section, Bau Section, KSR Interchanges
Interchanges: 6 (Lundu, Bau, Mile 4 ½, 6, 7, 10)
Layby: 1 (Lundu)
Bridges: 22
Bus Shelters: 93
Pedestrian Bridges: 9
Contractor: Samling Resouces Sdn. Bhd.

Address: 1st Floor, Lot 5083 (Sublot 25), Moyan Square, Jalan Batu Kawa, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak