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Btg. Skrang – Sg. Awik Bridge (SSA)

  • Betong Interchange
  • Betong sect - Earth trimming & subgrade preparation works
  • Betong sect - Panoramic View
  • Betong sect CH7+400- Earth cutting works
  • Betong sect CH10+500- Backfilling works for triple box culvert
  • Betong sect CH12+300- Concreting works for median drain
  • Betong sect CH14+100- Subgrade prepartion works
  • Betong sect CH15+870- Rebar installation works for piers at Padeh Bridge
  • Betong sect CH27+750- Earthfilling works for subgrade preparation
  • Betong sect, culvert 73- Sand filling works in progress
  • Rimbas bridge CH40+900 LHS - Bore piling work, pier 1
  • Spaoh sect Burui Bridge - Casting work for abutment backwall & wing wall, bridge B, Abutment B
  • Spaoh sect Burui Bridge - Casting work for girder beam T20 Bridge B, Abutment A
  • Spaoh sect CH34+170 LHS - Preparation for traffic diversion
  • Spaoh sect CH34+825 - Casting work for cascading drain
  • Spaoh sect CH36+000 LHS - Earth cutting work
  • Spaoh sect CH42+680 LHS - Rebar installation work for pile cap abutment B, Bridge A
  • Spaoh sect CH45+600 LHS - Casting work for slab base of median drain
  • Spaoh sect CH47+900 LHS - Water pipe jointing work
  • Spaoh sect CH49+900 LHS - Laying sub base work
  • Spaoh sect CH51+150 LHS - Earth trimming work
  • Spaoh sect Krian Bridge - Installation work for girder beam T40
  • Spaoh sect Malupa bridge - Casting work for embankment wall Bridge A, Abutment A
Location Batang Skrang to Sg. Awik (SSA)
Scope Of Work Construction, Planning

Project Details

WPC 05

Road Length:  67.941 km
Work will be carried out in 2 sections: Betong Section & Spaoh Section
Interchanges: 1 (Betong)
Bridges: 9
Bus Shelters: 53
Pedestrian Bridges: 1
Contractor: Endaya TRC PKJV Sdn. Bhd.

Address: TRC (S) Sdn Bhd, C/O Layar Camp, Simpang Layar Betong, 95700 Betong. Sarawak