Bintangor Junction to Sg. Kua Bridge (BSK)

  • Batang Rajang- SEB open trenching at Batang Rajang Section
  • CH0+225- Concreting bored pile at Sg. Bakong (Julau Section)
  • CH1+150- Embankment filling (Julau Section)
  • CH1+155- Piling of 200x200mm RC Sq Pile (Sibu Section)
  • CH16+300- Embankment filling (Julau Section)
  • CH18+200- SEB cabling work at Julau Section
  • CH21+400- Slope trimming (Sibu Section)
  • CH39+375- Embankment filling (Sibu Section)
  • CH41+400- Embankment filling (Sibu Section)
  • Durin side- Driving of 300mm diameter spun pile at Abutment B (Batang Rajang Section)
  • Julau Interchange- Concreting bored pile (Julau Section)
  • Sibu Side- River pier stump hacking works (Batang Rajang Section)
Location Bintangor – Julau Junctions, Sibu Airport Roundabout – Sg. Kua Bridge, including Batang Rajang Bridge
Scope Of Work Construction, Planning
Schedule 2016 - 2023

Project Details

WPC 07
Road Length:  75.973 km
Work will be carried out in 3 sections – Julau Section, Sibu Section, Batang Rajang Bridge
Interchanges: 2 (Julau, Sibu)
Layby: 1 (Julau)
Bridges: 18
Bus Shelters: 79
Pedestrian Bridges: 7
Launched: April 2016
Contractor: HSL DMIA JV Sdn. Bhd.