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Mile 5 – Nyabau Flyover + Bakun Junction – Sg. Tangap (BJT)

  • Bakun Interchange_ Girder I-35 after removal of steel mould
  • Bakun Interchange_Pile cap after concreting at Abutment A (Bridge B)
  • Casting Yard_Concreting works for girder in progress
  • Casting Yard_Preparation for girder’s post tensioning works in progress
  • Casting Yard_Rebar installation works for girder in progress
  • CH 1+200_Preparation of HDD activity for power cable
  • CH 1+450_Pavement repair works in progress
  • CH 1+680_Road marking for temporary road diversion in progress
  • CH 7+000-CH 9+800_Cable Stringing for SEB in progress
  • CH 8+400_Dismantling formwork after concreting for collar joint in progress
  • CH 15+200_Patching potholes for routine maintenance in progress
  • CH 17+700_Laying sub-base in progress (300m)
  • CH 35t+700_Laying of geotextile in progress for ground treatment
  • CH 50+200_Arial photo for Suai Interchange – preparation works for traffic diversion
  • CH 62+800_Arial photo for Niah Interchange earthworks & rock blasting
  • CH 63+436_Culvert 160 in progress - new alignment
  • CH 70+455_Sekaloh bridge – R.C pile hacking at Embankment A in progress
  • Pier 4_Concreting pier column in progress
  • Pier 6_Dismantling of sheet piles
  • Pier 36_Excavation works for pile cap construction in progress at Stage 2
  • Pier 38_Concreting works for boredpile of 38P1
  • Suai Bridge_Preparation of equipment for MLT at Pier 4 (1A4P4) in progress
Location Bakun to Sg. Tangap Junction (BJT)
Scope Of Work Construction, Planning

Project Details

WPC 10

Road Length:  77.190 km
Work will be carried out in 2 sections: Bakun Section & Niah Section
Interchanges: 4 (Bakun, Suai, Niah, Mile 5-Nyabau)

Layby: 1 (Suai)

Bridges: 5
Bus Shelters: 51
Pedestrian Bridges: 1
Contractor: Pekerjaan Piasau Konkerit Sdn. Bhd.