Mile 5 – Nyabau Flyover + Bakun Junction – Sg. Tangap (BJT)

  • CH14+200 RHS- Embankment fill (Bakun Section)
  • CH14+695- Culvert 33 backfilling works (Bakun Section)
  • CH15+800 RHS- Completed berm drain and removal of formwork in progress (Bakun Section)
  • CH15+800 RHS- Slope trimming process (Bakun Section)
  • CH16+028- Compacting granular material for surcharge area (Bakun Section)
  • CH16+200 LHS- Filling at surcharge area after ground treatment (Bakun Section)
  • CH16+679- Concreting collar joint for Culvert 38 (Bakun Section)
  • CH18+300 LHS- Embankment fill (Bakun Section)
  • CH18+700- Ground treatment at surcharge area (Bakun Section)
  • CH19+360 LHS- Completed Culvert 47 LHS (Bakun Section)
  • CH35+000- Concreting top slab for Culvert 90 (Bakun Section)
  • CH39+200- Ripping test in progress (Bakun Section)
  • CH39+954- Lean concrete completed for Culvert 95 (Bakun Section)
  • CH43+300- Site clearing works in progress (Niah Section)
  • CH46+050 LHS- Slope cutting work in progress (Niah Section)
  • CH62+250- Niah Interchange- Site clearing work in progress (Niah Section)
  • CH62+350- Niah Interchange- cutting and filling works in progress (Niah Section)
  • CH70+180- Completed works of ground treatment works (Niah Section)
  • CH70+250- Removal and replacement of USM with granular materials for ground treatment (Niah Section)
  • CH70+275- Sekaloh Bridge cantiledge preparation for 2nd test pile Abutment A (Niah Section)
  • CH70+275- Sekaloh Bridge sonic logging test for 2nd test pile Abutment A (Niah Section)
  • CH70+350- Sekaloh Bridge load test for 1st test pile Abutment B (Niah Section)
  • CH70+400- Sekaloh Bridge working platform preparation for beam casting yard (Niah Section)
  • CH73+750 LHS- Cutting anf filling works in progress (Niah Section)
  • CH73+850 LHS- Cutting and filling work in progress (Niah Section)
  • CH79+300- Preparation for slope turfing in progress (Niah Section)
  • Fabrication yard- Trussed gantry crane installation (Nyabau Section)
Location Bakun to Sg. Tangap Junction (BJT)
Scope Of Work Construction, Planning

Project Details

WPC 10

Road Length:  77.190 km
Work will be carried out in 2 sections: Bakun Section & Niah Section
Interchanges: 4 (Bakun, Suai, Niah, Mile 5-Nyabau)

Layby: 1 (Suai)

Bridges: 5
Bus Shelters: 51
Pedestrian Bridges: 1
Contractor: Pekerjaan Piasau Konkerit Sdn. Bhd.