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Sg. Arip – Bintulu Airport Junction (ABJ)

  • Bintulu sect - Sg.Selat Bridge B in progress
  • Bintulu sect - Sg.Selitut Bridge
  • Bintulu sect - Sg.Setiam Bridge B in progress
  • Bintulu sect Ch50+000 - Roadbase completed ready from prime coating & laying of ACBC
  • Bintulu sect Ch52+000 - Earthworks in progress at Green area (RHS)
  • Bintulu sect Ch55+375 - Sg.Sembawang Bridge B in progress
  • Bintulu sect Ch56+825 -Sg.Sebemban Bridge A in progress
  • Sg.Semanok Bridge
  • Tatau sect - Roadbase works in progress
  • Tatau sect CH2+350 -Culvert (C 06) 1.5dia pipe culvert (LHS) at Green area. Backfilling sorrounding pipe culvert in progress
  • Tatau sect CH7+500 -2nd layers of ACBC completed
  • Tatau sect CH16+200 -Backfilling works
Location Sg. Arip to Bintulu Junction (ABJ)
Scope Of Work Construction, Planning

Project Details

WPC 09

Road Length:  64.531 km
Work will be carried out in 2 sections: Arip-Tatau Section & Tatau-Bintulu Airport Section
Interchanges: 1 (Bintulu)

Rest & Service Area: 1 (Sg. Semanok)
Bridges: 8
Bus Shelters: 38
Pedestrian Bridges: 12
Contractor: KKB WCT Joint Venture Sdn. Bhd.

Address: No. 31 & 32, 1st and 2nd Floor, Bintulu City Mall Commercial Center (BCM), Jalan Johari Sunam, 97000, Bintulu. Sarawak