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High traffic, high number of overloaded vehicles, high rainfall- Make road maintenance challenging

Tuesday, 24 December 2019, Kuching: We heard you! Potholes, too many diversions, uneven roads, and the list goes on. We won’t dwell on the reasons, however LBU as a responsible PDP for Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak, together with all the contractors, are doing our best to address every single one of these issues.

Upgrading of the Federal trunk road into a four-lane dual carriageway is definitely the priority for the contractors.  While doing this, contractors continue to carry out maintenance works on the existing road to ensure a smooth and safe drive for road-users.

This includes grass cutting and maintenance on pavements, drainage, road furniture maintenance, bridges and culverts. Also addressed are pothole patching, sealing of surface cracks, reinstating of edge deterioration of back filled trenches and treatment to stripping of aggregate.

This year-end, our road sees high traffic, high number of overloaded vehicles and high rainfall. These three main factors, combined, make it a challenge to keep up with road maintenance. Potholes are especially apparent along the Selangau to Tatau stretch commuted daily by heavy vehicles, such as oil palm tankers and lorries.

To address the concern of road-users over the emergence of potholes at certain stretches, the project teams of the 11 works packages under Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak have been striving hard and walking the extra mile to do road maintenance each day. Pothole patching, traffic management, and continuous surveillance of road conditions is on-going by the contractors working on the Highway.

Once the new carriageways are ready, uncomfortable drives over potholes and uneven pavement surfaces will be a thing of the past. By year-end, some 400km of first carriageway from Sematan to Pujut Link Road in Miri will be ready, up to binder course level. Most stretches are already open to traffic.

In the meantime, we ask road-users to bear with us while we work tirelessly to quickly get the job done. LBU, too, is eager to see this project completed on time, by 2021, so that everyone can drive smoothly on a four-lane Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak.

Drive safe this Christmas and year-end. Even if the journey takes a little longer, getting home safe to our loved ones is the most important thing.