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Emergency drill to prepare for any eventualities

Wednesday, December 04, 2019, Betong: An accident between a tanker fully loaded with diesel and another tanker loaded with bitumen at a diversion of the on-going construction of Pan Borneo Highway along Batang Skrang to Sungai Awik stretch caused a major diesel spill on the road.

The accident happened at around 9am yesterday amidst drizzle when the diesel tanker which was travelling from Sibu to Kuching direction approached the narrow diversion when the bitumen tanker, coming from the opposite direction, hit the diesel tanker on its side.

As a result of this collision, it caused one of the diesel tanker’s compartments to leak resulting in the diesel spilling over to the road.

Unable to stop the diesel from spilling to the road, the driver of the diesel tanker immediately sent an emergency response.

Upon receiving the distress call about the accident, the health and safety department (HSET) of the main contractor for the works package responsible for the stretch immediately sprang into action while call was made to alert the Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) and the police.

Traffic flagmen were at site to assist the police in directing the traffic which had come to a snail pace while Bomba quickly cleaned up the area.

Within half an hour, the area was cleaned up by Bomba and the road opened to public. In the meantime, the main contractor created an earth bund to prevent the diesel spillage from spilling over to the culvert.

Hold on! This isn’t real. This was just the simulated road accident and diesel spill which was part of an emergency drill organized by Song Transport Company Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Works Package 05 main contractor Endaya TRC PK JV Sdn Bhd, Lebuhraya Borneo Utara Sdn Bhd (LBU) and all the relevant government agencies.

LBU Health and Safety Manager Abdul Rahman Kadir said the emergency drill was to prepare the Emergency response Team (ERT) for any eventualities in the future.

“I must say the whole exercise went well with great participation from everyone. Through this emergency drill, everyone at site will be able to know what they should do in the vent of accident or emergency,” said Rahman.