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Driving tips during rainy season

Wednesday, 6 November 2019, Kuching: With the monsoon transition period upon us now, thunderstorms, heavy rains and strong winds occur more frequently. Driving in the heavy rain can be a scary thing. LBU Links spoke to our Traffic Management Department for Tips for Driving during this rainy season:

  1. Don’t speed. This goes without saying, especially with construction work on the Pan Borneo Highway in progress. Drive slowly and carefully. Leave home slightly earlier to give yourself additional travel time. After all, what difference will driving faster make to get you to your destination a few minutes early when a careless mistake on the road could cost your life!
  2. Keep your distance. Don’t tail the car in front too close. The reason is simple – if you need to suddenly stop, at lease you will have ample time to stop your car.
  3. Know when to use the hazard light. Only switch it on to pre-warn others that you are stopping or have an emergency situation.
  4. Turn on your car lights. By doing so, you will be able to see the road better and also let others see you.
  5. Don’t use cruise control. Stay in control! Putting your car in cruise control in a rainstorm can be dangerous if you hit an aquaplane which occurs when a layer of water builds up between the wheel and road. When that happens, you will won’t be in control of your car.
  6. Go easy on the brakes. Brake slowly by pressing your foot on the brake pedal and then ease your foot off. It also alerts drivers behind you to slow down. If you stop too suddenly in a rainstorm, you could get rear-ended.
  7. Keep to the middle lane, if possible. To avoid losing control of your car, try to drive on the middle lanes as water tends to accumulate at the sides of the road. Water puddles may cause your car to aquaplane.
  8. If your car aquaplanes, resist temptation to brake. Sudden breaking will cause your car to skid. As difficult as it sounds, try your best to deaccelerate and allow the car to slow down by itself while keeping the steering in the direction of travel.
  9. Make sure tyres and wipers are in good condition. Check these two things regularly. It will make a difference to driving in the rain. You will be able to see the road and traffic, and more importantly, you will be in control of your car!