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Another 9km of first carriageway in WPC09 ready in three months

Tuesday, 27 August 2019, Tatau: Another 9km of first carriageway in Sungai Arip Bridge to Bintulu Airport Junction stretch (Works Package 09) are expected to be opened to traffic in the next three months.

Out of these 9km, 5km will be in Bintulu section while another 4km in Tatau section.

This is on top of the 12km which have already been opened to road users since July this year. Out of these 12km, 9km is in Bintulu section while 3km is in Tatau section.

LBU Project Manager for Sungai Arip Bridge-Bintulu Airport Junction stretch (Works Package 09) Lawrence Low said with the opening of this first carriageway albeit up to binder course level, the construction work could move on to the second carriageway and the opposite side of the first carriageway.

Construction of Works Package 09 involves two sections namely Bintulu section with 34km stretch from Tatau to Bintulu Airport Junction and Tatau section with 30km stretch from Sungai Arip to Tatau.

Construction work of this works package is undertaken by main contractor, KKB WCT JV Sdn Bhd.

“All these openings have been paved up to the binder course level which have to be paved with wearing course as the final layer eventually.

“In the meantime, we can direct the traffic to this first carriageway while we work on the second carriageway next to it,” said Lawrence.

As for the new Batang Tatau Bridge, work on this twin bridge has already reached the advance stage and is expected to be completed by November this year.

“We are currently working on the parapet wall and retaining wall which will complete by end of September 2019.

Batang Tatau Bridge is a 486.35m long bridge, stretching over eight spans and comprises of 57 cantilevered segments and 35 post tensioned girder beams.

To recap, the original Batang Tatau Bridge, built under the Fourth Malaysia Plan in 1979 was maintained after it passed the proof load test at the end of June last year. Proof load test is a process carried out to ascertain the load bearing capacity of a bridge under increased loading capacity in the future.

The original Batang Tatau Bridge catered to both Bintulu bound and Sibu bound traffic. With the new Batang Tatau Bridge built parallel next to it, the two separate bridges will be made available with two lanes in each direction where the original bridge will serve the Sibu bound traffic while the new bridge will serve the Bintulu bound traffic.

Aside the Batang Tatau bridge, there are also 7 other pre-stressed girder beam bridges that are progressing well and they are targeted for completion by February 2020.