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Road repair at KM 172 to Sri Aman to complete by tomorrow

Tuesday, 16 July 2019, Melugu: For the last one week, the project team at Pantu Junction-Batang Skrang works package (Works Package 04) has been hard at work trying to stabilise and repair a 100m stretch of road on the right-hand side (RHS) which gave way due to soft ground conditions in a swampy area.

According to LBU Project Manager, Ramasamy Kailasan, the road at KM172 to Sri Aman (Ch 41+300), near Melugu in Bukit Begunan Section gave way on the morning last Tuesday.

“The project team immediately mobilized resources to carry out earth embankment and road stabilization works.  The target was to complete crusher run layer by that same evening.

Unfortunately, continued soil movement and settlement in the area affected completion of repair works. By Wednesday, the team was forced to widen the area of repairs to address continued soil movement.

On Thursday, laying of sand layer was in progress and this was followed by earth fill, after which crusher run would be laid. The new target is to complete the works by tomorrow.

The weekend saw crusher run being laid on the right lane. Road settlement has to be monitored for a few days, before laying premix by today or tomorrow.

The road remained open to traffic the entire time of the RHS road collapse. With expert management by the traffic team and flagmen on site, motorists have been able to use the existing road for travel.

As challenging as the situation on site has been, for Ramasamy and his team, it’s ‘all in a day’s work’.

While it is unfortunate that the existing road had given way, it is not surprising as the road stretch is within soft ground stretch of Bukit Begunan Section.

“The local ground conditions make it a struggle for construction in this area. It is also our obligation to carry out routine road maintenance to ensure the current road remains operational while we upgrade the existing trunk road to a new 4-lane highway. It’s a challenge, but certainly all in a day’s work for us!”, added Ramasamy.