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Plan your balik kampung trip

Tuesday, 21 May 2019, Kuching: Plan your balik kampung this coming Gawai Raya celebration as you do not want to be sorry for any eventuality.

That’s the advice from LBU Traffic Management Manager Masdi Baharom who said it is always better to plan the trip back home ahead.

“Simple things like checking your tyres, car radiator, brake or car battery can save you the trouble though this may look tedious or too insignificant to pay attention. But it saves your life,” said Masdi.

While driving back home, Masdi advised the road users to abide by the speed limit imposed along this existing federal trunk road which is in the midst of being upgraded to a four-lane dual carriageway.

“The most you can speed is 70km/h during this construction stage along the straight road but when you are approaching diversions, then you have to reduce the speed to 30km/h.

“At the same time, do observe the traffic signages put up along the way.

Should you get tired and start to feel sleepy while driving, always make sure you stop for a while and take a break before you continue the journey.

“Don’t simple pull up along the road side especially at blind spot as this is very dangerous to other vehicles.

“There are lots of coffeeshops along the way, just take a 5 to 10 minutes break by having your coffee break. This makes a lot of difference and once you’re refreshed, continue your journey,” Masdi said.

During this balik kampung rush, Masdi said the Emergency Response Team (ERT) at all the works packages will be fully activated on a 24 hours basis.

There will be two shifts- one each during the day and night- where the team will make its surveillance on the road.

“In case of any emergency, road users can also call the 112 from their mobile phone where it will redirect to 999. Set this number in your phonebook list,” he advised.

LBU in collaboration with all the contractors and relevant government agencies are having road safety campaign starting this week at all the works packages to inculcate safe driving.

LBU has also taken the road safety campaign on air with the road safety messages on popular radio stations i.e. Hitz FM and Era FM.