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LBU sets eyes to achieve 20mil safe man hours by year end


Monday, 22 April 2019, Kuching: The Project Delivery Partner (PDP) for Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak project, Lebuhraya Borneo Utara (LBU) is setting its eyes on achieving 20mil safe man hours for all the works packages by end of this year.

LBU Head of Support Services Azman Hashim said the 20mil target was achievable as the PDP’s HSET team would be working closely with all works packages contractors to strictly implement good HSET practices at their respective construction sites.

“We will be closely monitoring all works packages on their HSET practices. Our focus this year is to inculcate a culture of early detection and removal of unsafe acts and unsafe conditions found at sites and put in place good HSET practices.

“At the same time, we will continue to educate workers on good HSET practices. This is important as we want them to know that their safety is our top priority. That is why we have been doing awareness campaigns all this while to engage with everyone.

“We want HSET good practices to be a culture in this mega project,” said Azman.

Related to this, LBU will be organising a HSET Dialogue with authorities and agencies this Thursday. The theme for this first ever dialogue is raising the benchmark of Health, Safety, Environment and Traffic Management practices on the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak project and the wider construction industry of Sarawak.

Overall, Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak project has achieved a cumulative total of 14,855,691-safe man hours as of first quarter of this year out of the cumulative total of 43,875,231 man hours clocked in. The cumulative figure is accumulated since the project started three years ago in 2016.

To recap, following the first fatal accident on March 26 last year at Sungai Awik Bridge to Bintangor Junction (Works Package 06), it prompted LBU top management to reset the overall cumulative safe man hours to zero every time a fatal accident occurs, as a show of its commitment to ensure strictest compliance of health, safety, environment and traffic (HSET) in the project.

Subsequent to three fatal accidents occurred last year brought down the safe man-hour achieved which could otherwise been much higher if not for the third-party negligence in the accidents.

Although it is not incumbent upon the PDP to reset the safe man-hour to nil every time there is a fatal accident due to third party negligence, LBU has decided otherwise as it is committed to ensuring that nothing is compromised when it comes to the HSET.