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Bentley AssetWise asset management system for PBHS in final stage of fine-tuning

Wednesday, 17 April 2019, Kuching: Building the highway is one thing. Ensuring the highway is kept in the best condition to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for road-users long after completion of construction is equally important. For this reason, the Government incorporated the development and implementation of a computerised road maintenance management system as one of the deliverables for Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak.

To meet this requirement, LBU is proposing to use Bentley’s AssetWise software to intelligently plan and implement asset performance and reliability strategies. More importantly, the asset management system needs to enable the team to be pro-active, efficient and effective in managing the road assets along the completed Pan Borneo Highway.

Towards ensuring AssetWise software system meets our user requirements, LBU’s Operations and Maintenance team participated in a Bentley AssetWise Conference Room Prototype (CRP) demonstration yesterday.

According to LBU Head of Digital Information Technology, Haji Muhammad Faris Shaukhi, “Running through the AssetWise prototype customised for Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak is important. We gave our views and comments in areas that need to be fine-tuned and captured in the system.”

In a nutshell, AssetWise provides informed decision support, from capital planning through proactive asset maintenance, enabling the team to mitigate risk, increase operational efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance.

With better quality information, improved flow and interoperability with our Integrated Project Management System and future Highway Deterioration Management system (another component of the future Integrated Highway Management System), it is hoped that our team will be able to collect, analyse, and control all relevant asset information.

AssetWise’s online system process flow includes various modules covering inventory, condition assessment, routine maintenance, monitoring and inspection. Such real-time information captured on the ground and uploaded immediately through the Internet, will enable faster response time for repairs. AssetWise’s capabilities should also deliver actionable information that supports business processes, to ultimately drive performance across the lifecycle of our infrastructure assets.

“AssetWise for Pan Borneo Highway will be put to use at the newly completed Telok Melano to Sematan stretch by June this year. Eventually, AssetWise will be used for the remaining works packages for the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak”, added Haji Faris.

The system works by collecting information on assets from the construction drawings which have been developed into 3D models, i.e. captured in our Highway Information Modelling. All assets will be tagged according to the agreed Government standard of asset tagging. Confirmation of asset information will be done at site using drone and by way of ground inspection.