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Modellers continue updating 3D BIM model for construction and as-built drawings

Thursday, 28 March 2019, Kuching: Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak’s Highway Information Modellers are now in the midst of updating 3D models from construction drawings for the 10 works packages following the successful development of 3D model for design drawings in March last year.

“Currently, all the Modellers are fully occupied incorporating revisions to construction drawings of the various works packages where they have to update and redevelop of the construction 3D models accordingly.

“In addition, they are also performing checks for engineering abnormalities and clashes at all the 10 work packages of Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak.

“This process will take us until full completion of the project. After that, we shall move on to developing the As-Built 3D models,” said Mohd Nazif Mohd Ridzuan, lead coordinator for the Highway Information Modelling team.

As for the Telok Melano-Sematan Works Package (Works Package 01) which was completed in January this year, he said the team is currently developing the as-built 3D model for the 32.77km stretch of R5 single carriageway.

Each works package is assigned five Modellers and one Coordinator who are responsible for developing the respective 3D models, which are then shared with site personnel.

The 3D models help the site team with the X-Ray vision of locations and alignment of underground utilities such as power/data cables and water pipes. More importantly, the 3D models detect clashes between the utilities and the proposed pavement, and so forth.

In cases where clashes are detected, the Project Manager will immediately hold a discussion with the contractors and consultants to resolve the issue before construction activities proceed on site.

Construction drawings are amended accordingly, and handed over to the respective personnel for review and approval prior to submitting it to the Modellers for the 3D model update.

The ability to detect clashes early through the highway information modelling (HIM) is an efficient improvement in construction, compared to previously when clashes were detected on-site. In such cases, a series of investigation, meetings, new proposals, approvals and rework would impact the project’s delivery in terms of time and cost.

Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak is leading the change in highway construction by leveraging on technologies such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR), Geographical Information System (GIS) and Common Data Environment System (CDE) to improve efficiency and delivery.