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Serian Interchange in advanced stage of construction

Monday, 18 March 2019, Serian: Construction works on Serian Interchange is already at an advanced stage with work is focussed now on deck slab casting after completion of launch of all beams for this six-span flyover.

“After the deck slab casting, we will move on to do the parapet wall. This means we are already at the final stage of completing the flyover.

“Once this is done, then the flyover will be ready, hopefully by middle of this year, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

“This will help alleviate the traffic congestion in Serian town where the flyover is located. Currently, due to the space constraint road users have to use a narrow slip road to avoid passing through the construction area. Commissioning of the interchange will therefore be a great relief to all the road users,” said LBU Project Manager for Serian-Pantu Junction (Works Package 03) Azrin Ahmad.

Azrin also revealed the good news that the new Batang Sadong Bridge would be ready for road users this coming April Fools’ Day.

“Construction work on this new bridge, which sits next to the old Batang Sadong Bridge, is already at its final stage. We are currently doing the deck slab, and soon after this we will move on to do the safety barrier or parapet wall next week.

“Then we can shift road users to the new bridge and start the reinstatement work on the old bridge, such as bridge joint and pavement works and parapet wall. The old bridge will be temporarily closed to enable these works to happen,” said Azrin.

To recap, the old Batang Sadong Bridge was retained for Serian-bound traffic after it passed the proof load test conducted in July last year. The results of the test meant that the 186m long bridge, built in 1992, is sufficiently fit to cater to the full JKR standard design load limits allowed under the current Weight Restriction Order (WRO) 2003.

The load test conducted on the bridge confirmed to the State Public Works Department (JKRS) that the bridge does not need to be demolished as it can sustain the expected traffic load.

Two other bridges in WPC 03 at Sungai Bedup and Sungai Kerait will also be partially opened to road users soon, said Azrin.

“The deck slab has already been cast on the first carriageway of these two bridges and now we are working on the parapet wall. Once we have diverted the road users to the first carriageway on the bridge, we will start the construction of the second carriageway,” he said.

Construction work on Works Package 03, undertaken by Zecon Kimlun Consortium Sdn Bhd, involves upgrading the existing 75km of Federal trunk road (stretching from Serian Roundabout to Pantu Junction) into an R5 standard 4-lane dual carriageway. For ease of construction it is divided into Serian Section and Pantu Section.