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New Parallel Tatau Bridge to be completed by October this year

Wednesday, 6 March 2019, Tatau: The new parallel two-lane bridge in the midst of construction next to the existing Tatau Bridge under the Sungai Arip Bridge-Bintulu Airport Junction (Works Package 09) is expected to be completed by October this year.

LBU Project Manager for Works Package 09 Lawrence Low said the bridge foundation works had already been completed. Construction work is now focused on the balanced cantilever box girder and I-Beam post-tensioned girder span, as well as deck slabs for the piers and abutment.

The original Tatau Bridge, built under the Fourth Malaysia Plan in 1979, is being maintained after passing the proof load test in accordance with the Weight Restriction Order 2003. Testing was conducted mid last year. When completed, the original two-lane bridge will serve Sibu-bound traffic while the new parallel bridge will cater for Bintulu-bound traffic.

The current Tatau Bridge is still being used by the public while construction of the new parallel bridge is on-going.

Whilst much action is taking place at Tatau Bridge, another bridge at Sungai Arip is taking shape. Foundation works, abutment and columns for this bridge have been completed.

“We will launch the beams for Sungai Arip Bridge in March this year. We hope to complete construction in another three months’ time. We will then divert traffic to this new bridge to enable us to construct a parallel bridge next to it. We expect this parallel bridge to be completed this year.”

As for Sungai Sembawang Bridge under Bintulu section of WPC 09, Low said the first two lanes had already been completed. Traffic was diverted to it in January this year. “Now, we have started foundation work for another parallel bridge next to it. We hope to complete these two lanes in six months’ time.”

Construction works for the remaining five bridges under Bintulu section – at Sungai Selitut, Sungai Semanok, Sungai Setiam, Sungai Sebemban and Sungai Selat – are in various stages. All bridges are expected to be completed by end of 2019.

Bridge works aside, Low said about 2km of road pavement up to binder course in the Bintulu section, had been completed.

WPC 09 Sungai Arip Bridge to Bintulu Airport Junction (ABJ) has a road length of 64.504km, divided into 2 sections – Tatau and Bintulu. WPC 09 has a total of 8 bridges – 2 are located in Tatau Section, the balance 6 bridges are in Bintulu Section.

ABJ will no longer have an interchange at Bintulu Airport Junction. In its place will be a signalised junction to enable traffic to and from Bintulu Airport to join the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak to Bintulu and Sibu direction.