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No compromise on HSET as PDP pushes for greater awareness

Friday, 26 October 2018, Kuching: The Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak has registered a cumulative safe man-hour of 2,894,453 as of third quarter (Q3) this year while the cumulative man-hour achieved by all the 11 works packages since the project started in 2016 stood at 31,949,367.

The figure saw an astronomical jump of 2,656,747 safe man-hour from 237,706 safe man-hour registered in the Q2 this year.

Four fatal accidents which occurred this year has brought down the safe man-hour achieved which could otherwise been much higher if not for the third-party negligence in the accidents.

To recap, following the first fatal accident on March 26 this year at Works Package 06, it prompted the top management of Lebuhraya Borneo Utara (LBU), the Project Delivery Partner (PDP) for the Project to reset the overall cumulative safe man hours to zero every time a fatal accident occurs, as a show of its commitment to ensure strictest compliance of health, safety, environment and traffic (HSET) in the project.

It has to be noted that although it is not incumbent upon the PDP to reset the safe man-hour to nil every time there is a fatal accident due to third party negligence, LBU has decided otherwise as it is committed to ensuring that nothing is compromised when it comes to the HSET.

LBU Head of Support Services Azman Hashim said efforts had been taken by the Project Delivery Partner (PDP) to ensure greater awareness on the need to emphasise on the health, safety and environmental aspects among all the contractors who are involved in the project.

“Since the beginning of this project, we have been pushing everyone to focus on the HSE as well as the road safety for the road users.

“And recently, we organised a week-long Quality Health, Safety, Environmental and Traffic (QHSET) programme in all the 11 works packages to enhance on this aspect as we want everyone who is involved in this project to be safe.

“We do not compromise on the safety of the workers as well as that of the road users,” said Azman.

Early last month, LBU launched a week-long QHSET campaign to promote greater awareness on these values throughout the 11 works packages.

Themed “Our Life, Our Legacy”, the QHSET campaign included a series of internal and various public engagement activities held by these works packages from Telok Melano all the way to the northern Miri.