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Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak progress aired on TV3’s Buletin 130

Tuesday, 16 October 2018, Kuching: A three minutes news broadcast on the construction progress of Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak was aired on TV3’s Buletin 130 last Sunday to give viewers the latest updates of this single largest infrastructure project in Sarawak.

The news broadcast was made possible with the recent three-day Jelajah FT Roadpedia, led by Works Minister Yang Berhormat Baru Bian to look at the progress of the project for all the 11 works packages from Telok Melano to Miri.

Narrated by TV3’s broadcast journalist Adib Othman who is one of the media personnel joining the trip, the news broadcast reported that the progress had currently achieved 33% progress which is ahead of schedule.

Few drone shots, courtesy of LBU, was also shown in the news broadcast to give viewers an aerial view of progress made at certain works packages which includes the Telok Melano-Sematan (WPC01) which is expected to be completed by January next year and the 1.79km’s Batang Rajang Bridge or popularly known as Durin Bridge, amongst others.

Baru who was interviewed at Pantu Junction-Batang Skrang’s (WPC04) Central Labour Quarters (CLQ) on the second day of the trip was also featured in the news broadcast where the minister commended LBU and the contractors for the overall progress made despite some minor delays in some works packages.

The news broadcast was also uploaded on Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak official Facebook page where it has reached 2,487 people while TV3’s YouTube has been viewed by 1,802 people so far.

Other than television broadcast, the Jelajah FT Roadpedia was also widely covered by newsprint i.e. Borneo Post, New Sarawak Tribune, Sin Chew Daily, See Hua Daily and Berita Harian.