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AssetWise workshop held to configure PBHS assets

Tuesday, 25 September 2018, Kuching: A three-day workshop on AssetWise User Requirement was held early this month where LBU’s Operation and Maintenance Team sat down with its service provider, Bentley, to work out details for the configuration of the Pan Borneo Highway assets.

The workshop came timely as the Operation and Maintenance Team, with its wide experience in highway operations, is in the midst of defining needs and configuration using the AssetWise system to monitor and preserve road assets under the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak.

LBU Information Project Management System Engineer, Mohd Farhan Azmee, said AssetWise is the first of its kind asset management system being used for infrastructure projects in Malaysia.

“We believe Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak will be the first project in the country to make use of the system,” he said.

Farhan explained that the AssetWise system is a continuity of ProjectWise, currently being used during the construction stage for project management purposes.

“The information populated inside ProjectWise will be link directly to the specified assets in AssetWise.

“For example, a bridge registered in AssetWise will have all the historical information on it in terms of materials, load test report, quality reports, method statement, as built drawings and much more due to its link with ProjectWise.

“This information will be vital for future highway operator to leverage upon making any maintenance programme.

“With AssetWise and the Highway Information Modelling (HIM), it will enable us to maximise the lifespan of the assets.

“This is important as it means we will be able to save cost and maintain the quality of the Highway and its assets in the long run,” said Farhan.