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O&M team turun padang to check on premix plants

Wednesday, 5 September 2018, Kuching: With many stretches of the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak reaching up to road base level during which binder course will be laid on the road pavement, LBU Operations and Maintenance team, ‘turun padang’ to check on the quality of output by local premix plants.

Led by O&M head Azmee Nin, the team went on a three-day visit from August 28 to 30 to several premix plants in Bintulu and Miri area to see for themselves the quality of construction materials.

The team’s first stop was at Kemena Premix Plant which is currently being built and will have a capacity to produce up to 700 tonnes of asphalt mix daily. This plant uses the drum mix method for binder course laying.

From there, they visited CMS Kemena Premix Plant which is already in operation. Using drum mix method too, this plant supplies asphalt mix for binder course and wearing course.  Another plant visited is Nyigu Premix Plant which also produces premix using the drum mix method for binder course laying.

“The purpose of our visits was to check on the operations of these plants, and whether they can meet the supply requirements for our Project. We also looked at the stockyard and checked on the type of materials as well as looked at the experience of the plant operators.”

“For a project of this size, with all works packages more or less at similar stages of construction progress, we face situations where everyone is demanding a certain type of raw material or machinery or manpower expertise at the same time. Ensuring that we have sufficient quantities of raw materials, such as premix, aggregates, and the right quality is very important to meet our PDPA KPIs of Quality, Time and Cost”, explained Azmee Nin.

The team also visited Sebubuk Premix Batching Plant at Batu Niah with a capacity of producing up to 1,200 tonnes daily, and Quarry Holystone which produces limestone aggregates.

Last Monday, the O&M team visited Telok Melano-Sematan (WPC01), travelling all the way to Telok Melano.

“We noticed that 90% of binder course has been laid. Two bridges- Sungai Samunsam and Sungai Belinsah - have their beams launched while Sungai Beduan Bridge has yet to do so,” said Azmee.

This visit by the Operations and Maintenance speaks of how LBU is taking the quality of the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak seriously.

Not only does LBU want to only construct this Highway to connect the people of Sarawak, but it also wants to leave a legacy of being the builder of this first highway in the state of Sarawak.