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Extra measures to beef up traffic management at works packages

 Tuesday, 10 July 2018, Kuching: Following the successful implementation of flagging activity enhancement at the 11 works packages to improve the safety of road users, Lebuhraya Borneo Utara will soon implement additional measures to beef up its traffic management programme.

The measures are taken following two fatality incidences which occurred on May 16 and June 21 at Works Package 11 (Sungai Tangap-Pujut Link Road) and Works Package 06 (Sungai Awik Bridge-Bintangor Junction) respectively due to third party negligence.

Earlier on March 26, the Project’s first fatal accident occurred at Works Package 06, also due to third party negligence. This prompted the Project Delivery Partner for Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak to enhance the flagging activity.

Under this first attempt, the enhancement included not positioning ingress and egress or exit points at ‘blind spots’ which include cornering and climbing areas.

Going further, one of the measures to be introduced soon is to incorporate the use of concrete barriers at the locations of our flagmen to further ensure their safety while controlling traffic.

“As of now, concrete barriers are only placed on one side of the road. This does not fully ensure the safety of the flagman.

“So, we want the concrete barriers to be placed on both sides of the road to prevent vehicles from encroaching where the flagman is stationed,” said LBU Traffic Management Manager Masdi Baharom.

The introduction of boom gates or stopper system at all the exit points of the construction sites – is another enhancement being considered for implementation.

“With the boom gate, we can better control the movement of lorries and trucks in and out of the site if there is activity going on.

“This is a further improvement from the current practice where only the flagman is stationed to direct lorries and trucks,” said Masdi.

He further said LBU would conduct road show programmes at all the works packages to create greater awareness on the importance of traffic management.

At the same time, Masdi added that his department would gauge the lorry drivers and operators from time to time to ensure their competency level.