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Overtaking… when to and when not to

Wednesday, 6 June 2018, Kuching: We’ve written extensively the various measures initiated by LBU’s Traffic Management Department to improve safety along the current Federal trunk road which is being upgraded to the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak.

Road safety campaigns, enhancement of traffic management equipment and ensuring adequate equipment is in place, as well as safety messages on radio stations, are just some of the way demonstrating how serious LBU, being the Project Delivery Partner for the Highway project, is in making sure everyone is safe while commuting on the road.

In yet another effort, today, we share with everyone a write-up on the proper way to overtake, albeit not hard and fast rules, when on the road.

Overtaking can be dangerous as the driver has to judge the distance required to complete the manoeuvre safely.

Failure to do so can be fatal and hence, it is best not to overtake when you have any doubts.

To overtake, you must:

  • Make sure there is sufficient space to complete the manoeuvre
  • Make sure the road ahead is clear
  • Check both sides of the mirror
  • Signal each change in position to give warning to other road users
  • Check blind spots before changing lane
  • Pass the vehicle with sufficient space to avoid a collision
  • Give way to traffic already in the lane you are moving to.

Do not overtake:

  • When you do not have a clear view of any approaching traffic
  • When another vehicle is stopping or has stopped at a pedestrian crossing, intersection or railway crossing
  • When a road narrows.

When being overtaken, you must:

  • Not increase the speed
  • Keep left and allow reasonable space for the overtaking vehicle to pass and move back into the lane
  • Keep within the lane.

While the above list are certainly not exhaustive, road users must always remember to keep to the speed limit and drive safe.

After all, what matters is for everyone to reach home safely.