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Safety tips to reach home safely

Monday, 4 June 2018, Kuching: Much has been written about the various traffic management efforts undertaken by LBU and the main contractors for the 11 works packages to ensure road users are well guided while commuting along the construction stretch of the current federal trunk road which is being upgraded to four-lane Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak.

It has to be acknowledged that 50% of road accidents are due to aggressive driving i.e. speed driving, tailgating, sudden change of lanes and beating the traffic lights among others.

“We have to always remember that driving is not about who wins or loses. The winner is the one who reaches their destination safely,” said LBU Traffic Management Manager Masdi Baharom.

So, here Masdi is offering some tips on how to reach your destination safely.

  1. Plan your journey
  2. Check the condition of your vehicle
  3. Be mentally and physically alert
  4. Start journey early
  5. Avoid routes that are congested
  6. Driving according to road condition, weather and traffic
  7. Rest after every two hours if it is a long journey

Most of the time, Masdi pointed out that road users tend to always chase after time.

“We can’t have “Good Driving Ethics” if we keep on having this attitude all the time. Always remember your loved ones.

“As such, do not chase after time because doing so will result in you driving aggressively and the possibility of ending up in an accident,” he advised.

He said anyone must feel comfortable and be alert all the time when he or she drives.

“Wear comfortable clothing. Most important is – have enough rest before the long journey.

“When you feel tired or sleepy, take a break at any nearby rest areas before continuing your journey,” he said.

All these, he added may sound lame, but it matters a lot.

“At the end of the day, we just want everyone to be safe when travelling on the road. We just want you to reach home safely. That’s all,” Masdi added.