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HIM: 3D conversion for construction stage progressing smoothly

Thursday, 24 May 2018, Kuching: With the conversion of design drawings to 3D models completed last month, the Highway Information Modellers have now moved on to updating the HIM construction models.

The task to update the 3D Highway Information Modelling (HIM) construction models is progressing smoothly, much to the delight of Haji Muhammad Faris Shahabudin, LBU’s Head of Digital Information Technology.

“Overall, progress of the works programme for our Highway Information Modelling (HIM) as at 25 April 2018 was 39.55%, ahead of the planned 36.05% for the 11 work packages.

“We are 3.50% ahead of schedule.

“During construction stage, the 3D development becomes more dynamic with revisions of drawings coming in from the site, and immediate updates being made to the 3D construction models. It’s really quite exciting to see”, he said.

The 3D Highway Information Modelling are important tools to assist Project Managers on site with an X-ray vision of any particular highway construction stretch, including quantity take-off and possible underground clashes of utilities such as telco cables, power cables and water pipes.

If clashes are detected, Project Managers will discuss with the consultants for immediate solutions. These normally result in reviews of design and drawing.

These new drawing revisions are then sent the modelers to update the 3D models.

The 3D models will then be integrated with the planning software, Primavera P6, to provide a better look-ahead animated 3D model with regard to the Time delivery.

This 4D model will further benefit the Project Managers and site personnel for better planning and decision-making.

“What we are seeing now is how powerful it is to use Highway Information Modelling (HIM) to manage project delivery of our Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak during the construction stage.

“But its capabilities do not stop there. The information captured in HIM is a ready and useful platform for operations and maintenance of the future Highway.”

“Problems that are currently being faced on site now with inaccurate data on location of utilities underground and clashes will be avoided in the future because we will now have an accurate snapshot of what lies above ground and under the Pan Borneo Highway”, added Faris.