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Most HSET NCR and NOI issued rectified

Monday, 7 May 2018, Kuching: Seventy per cent or 144 out of the 205 cases of non-conformance of safety and health issues have been rectified as at April this year at the 11 works packages since construction of Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak started in 2015.

This leaves another 61 cases which have yet to be rectified by the respective works package contractors.

Out of the 205 Non-Conformance Reports (NCR) issued, 47% were due to unsafe conditions and 22% were due to unsafe acts. Some 10%  were related to public safety and 18% were due to the absence of relevant permit or documentation. Another 3% were issued for health reasons, such as housekeeping for workers on site.

NCR documents details of non-conformance identified during daily inspections, site walkabouts, audit or other control processes. It is a tool to urge contractors to control their processes by eliminating hazards to people, and to remove root causes.

Whilst some may view NCR as negative, the main objective of issuing the NCR is to make clear the problem. When there is clarity and a concise definition of the problem, proper corrective action can be made – for the overall good of workers on site and the public.

Once the NCR is issued, the contractor is responsible for rectifying the issue within agreed timelines, failing which further action may be initiated against the contractor.

In the construction of Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak, Health, Safety, Environmental and Traffic Management (HSET) are given top priority. The status of HSET matters are provided to the PDP top management and key Government stakeholders as part of the monthly performance dashboard reports.

Under the Traffic Management segment, 61 NCR had been issued so far where 39 of them had been rectified while another 22 cases were still pending rectification.

Out of the 61 NCR issued, 43% was for insufficient traffic barriers, 24% for road signages, and 15%  for absence of relevant documentation. Another 10% was related to supervision and flagmen, 6% on temporary lighting, and 2% was on temporary marking.

As for Environmental issues, 212 NCR were issued up to April this year where 177 cases had been resolved with another 35 pending.

In addition to NCR, LBU has also so far issued 282 Notices of Improvement (NOI) to the 11 works packages to comply with various safety and health aspects. NOI are issued to contractors, giving them a seven days’ notice to rectify any HSET minor deviations, after which an NCR will be served.

Out of the 282 NOI issued, there are only 15 cases pending so far, with 267 cases resolved. Most of the notices issued were due to non-compliance of conditions at work sites which accounted for 137 cases.

Under the Traffic Management, 100 NOI were issued with 90 of them having rectified. Most of the non-compliance were due to road barriers which accounted for 42 cases.

As for Environmental, 325 NOI were issued with 314 of them rectified. Another 11 are still pending.

In addition to process controls used through the issuance of NCR and NOI in managing construction of the Highway, LBU under its HSET Unit is continuously putting in optimum effort to encourage contractors to improve their work practices through the adoption of a work culture which promotes “Do It Right the First Time.”