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Load Test Conducted at Batang Kemena 1A Bridge

Friday, March 23 2018, Bintulu: A proof Load Test is being carried out today at Batang Kemena 1A Bridge to determine whether it can withstand the future traffic load once the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak is completed.

The 2-lane bridge was closed off to traffic since 8 am this morning for the test to be conducted in a safe manner. The bridge is expected to be open for road users before 7 pm this evening.

However, traffic is still accessible at the bridge next to it while the exercise is on-going.

The test, conducted at Span 5 of the 11 span bridge, is divided into six stages, starting with one trailer loaded with 20 concrete blocks weighing 2.4 tonnes each.

(Span is the distance between two intermediate supports for a structure, for instance, a beam or the bridge.)

Once the trailer is loaded with concrete blocks, data will be captured in a data logger through strain gauges installed at the bridge piers and girders.

(A girder is a large iron or steel beam or compound structure used for building bridges and framework of large buildings).

The trailer will then be added with six more concrete blocks. This exercise will be repeated with six trailers, carrying up to 156 concrete blocks, weighing a massive 374.4 tonnes!

While all this is being done, data is being continuously captured to determine the strain on the girders.

At 500m long, Batang Kemena 1A Bridge, built in 1978 under Colombo Aid Plan, is one of the longest bridge bridges in Sarawak.

Batang Kemena No 1A and 1B Bridges are part of the existing 4-lane dual carriageway and over-taking lanes (OTL) that will be included in the Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak network across Sarawak.