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Online document circulation to be embarked soon

Friday, 12 January 2018, Kuching: Forget about documents get mixed up or lost when the online document circulation via Project Information Management System (PIMS) kickstarts soon.

A briefing on how to use the system was held this morning by the Document Control Department to familiarise the staff with the system aimed at moving the manual document circulation to the online system to ensure speed and efficiency in the working process.

The online circulation system which makes use of the Bentley ProjectWise system provides for comprehensive work sharing and collaboration, thus keeping those relevant parties in the loop from the beginning of a work process until the end.

β€œIt is to provide a single point reference on correspondence where everyone in a said project is kept in the loop of what is happening. All the messages and documents will be captured in the system, thus providing a very comprehensive communication tool for everyone,” said senior document controller Mohd Hussin Ossuman during the briefing.

During the briefing, those who attended the half day session were guided on how to use the system which is very similar to how an e-mail works.

Manual circulation which is still widely practised is time consuming which leads to inefficiency.

Some may use the short messaging system i.e. WhatsApp if the document is urgent but even then, this is only when the document is something that is urgent and require immediate response.

There is also no proper tracking when it comes to manual circulation when sometimes, the document may get lost along the way.

Thus, the online system enables every correspondence to be monitored, tracked and reported in seamless way, unlike the conservative typical manual circulation which could not do the same.