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PIMS familiarisation workshop organised for project team

Wednesday, 6 December 2017, Kuching: A two-day familiarisation workshop on Project Information Management System (PIMS) which starts today at Borneo Convention Centre (BCCK) here will give an overview of how the system integrates key information with regard to the construction of Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak into one single virtual cluster.

With just a click on the keyboard of the computer, authorised personnel from head office down to the site office will be able to access the requested information - from construction drawings, bill of quantities, health and safety to public complaints.

In short, PIMS will connect people and information across project teams, no matter where they are located.

It not only helps to manage documents but also facilitates workflows, auditing and application integration, from design, construction, asset management as per required standards.

At the same time, quality is improved, rework is reduced and project teams get to meet their deadlines.

A series of PIMS workshops is being organised to familiarise the project teams with the system and its capabilities.

Today’s workshop is being attended by project teams from the southern region - namely WPC01 (Telok Melano-Sematan), WPC02 (Sematan-Sungai Moyan), WPC03 (Serian-Pantu Junction) and WPC04 (Pantu Junction to Batang Skrang).

During the workshop, participants are briefed on operational functions of each department i.e. planning, contracts, risk management, health safety and environment, document control, utilities relocation works, construction management, engineering and highway information modelling that would contribute data input to the PIMS.

“This PIMS will simplify our job as everything will be stored in the system where it is accessible to everyone authorised to access it.

“The system is extremely convenient as compared to the normal practice where we have to print out the report and deliver it to everyone.

“All we need to do is just to upload to the system and with just a click of the button, information is available on the computer screen.

“It is that easy and simple,” said LBU Risk Management Head Abdillah Azahari.

The workshop, organised by the Project Control Department, will proceed to central region on 12-13 December.

Another four works packages will take part in the PIMS series before making its last stop for the northern region a week later with the remaining three works packages.