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Concrete barriers in place at Junction 5 in Bintulu

Monday, 13 November 2017, Kuching: The heavy traffic commuting along Junction 5, near Times Square Mega Mall in Bintulu has prompted Pekerjaan Piasau Konkerit Sdn Bhd to install concrete barriers to prevent any road accidents.

Many motorists are taking shortcuts whenever approaching this junction to make illegal turning and hence, the concrete barriers have to be put in place for the safety of road users in the area.

Junction 5 is located at Nyabau Interchange where the traffic along this road is always heavy, especially heavy vehicles that are commuting from Kemena and Jalan Bintulu/ Tatau to Bintulu town.

Pekerjaan Piasau Konkerit is the main contractor for the Mile 5-Nyabau Flyover and Jalan Bakun Junction-Sungai Tangap   works package.

The swift action from the main contractor which had to work even on the weekend deserves a pat on the back as good traffic management along the construction stretch of Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak is of paramount importance to avoid any unwanted road accidents.

Managing traffic during construction of the 1,060 km Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak is not ‘a walk in the park’ especially when dealing with a “live” road where there are countless vehicles traveling in both directions during construction.

Despite these many challenges, the Project Delivery Partner for this highway project, Lebuhraya Borneo Utara Sdn Bhd (LBU) is putting great emphasis on efficient traffic management plan, in compliance with rules, regulations and industry best practices.

There are 25 sections in the 11 works packages of the construction with each section having its own traffic management team, making of 600 personnel in total for Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak from Telok Melano to Miri.

Such is the dedication from LBU, together with all the main contractors in ensuring good traffic management practices during construction.