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Fire drill at WPC09

Friday, 11 August 2017, Kuching: To equip everyone with basic fire-fighting skills and how to evacuate safely should fire happen, the main contractor for Sungai Arip Bridge to Bintulu Airport Junction (ABJ), KKB-WCT JV Sdn Bhd organised a fire drill for its site office in Tatau last Saturday.

The drill, conducted by Fire and Rescue Department at the WPC’s workshop was attended by all the site office staff which includes the team from LBU.

During the drill, the staff were briefed and taught on their responsibilities and duties when fire occur and how to evacuate safely.

The drill is yet another effort by LBU and main contractors which are involved in the construction of Pan Borneo Highway Sarawak to instil work safety culture among the workers.

It shows the welfare of the staff is well taken care of and kudos to KKB-WCT JV for the fire drill!